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We are NOT the Grand Mayan or Mayan Palace-We are a pool of owners renting our Grand Mayan and Mayan Palace Weeks


Riviera Maya Mayan Palace
2 bedroom $999 / week
1 bedroom $799 / week
(Friday, Saturday, Sunday Check In)
Riviera Maya Grand Mayan
2 bedroom $1,299 / week
1 bedroom $999 / week  @GrandMayanWeeks  


Grand Mayan & Mayan Palace Riviera Maya, Cancun

Low Rates for the Cancun Riviera Maya Grand Mayan and Mayan Palace

In the Riviera Maya the Grand Mayan and Mayan Palace are on the same grounds but they are in distinctly different rows of resort buildings.  While the Mayan Palace is a first rate hotel there is more luxury to be found at the Grand Mayan hotels.  The Grand Mayan has luxury that for an extra cost, a very little cost, is worth every penny and much more.  If you compare our prices you will see you could pay more at another site but you won't get more. 

Location is always important and the Grand Mayan and Mayan Palace are centrally located in the Riviera Maya, which is ideal.  It is a 30 minute drive or ride from the airport in Cancun, which is great for those who want to avoid the unwanted complexity of downtown Cancun.  The service, amenities, food, leisure and architecture at either the Grand Mayan or Mayan Palace are second to none. 

All rooms are of course air conditioned.  You can get a basic, beautiful room or a spectacular room, or a suite with adjoining living room and a balcony.  You could have a room that will have accommodations you have always dreamed of including an over sized hot tub in your room, complete kitchen, fantastic furnishings including everything you could want, including a furnished kitchen (minus food), dining room, living room, Cable TV (which is great during football season) you can have a  5x10 cool pool, or mini pool on your balcony and more.    

The amenities on the grounds include golf, swimming, restaurants, bars, activity centers, beach, the largest pool in Latin America.  It is a good time atmosphere to say the least that involves music and an emcee.  There is a spa for relaxation located right by the pool area where you can get yourself a facial or massage.  There is also a Fitness Center if you like relaxing that way. 

Just look at the beauty in the image to the right.  The pool is multilevel with tiers that run off into the lower sections.  There are waterfalls, water mushrooms to stand under and glorious balls placed in large unique fashion.  The pool architecture is unforgettable and quite a sight to behold.  Palm trees surround cabanas and tiki huts with couches, beds, there are several bars under cabanas, there is a restaurant on the beach, an activity center, there are laid back vendors who will not smother you who offer unique trinkets and plaques, hats, traditional Mexican designs, typical tourist souvenirs and more.  There are constantly activities directed and carried out in some area of the pool.  The staff makes your experience complete.  They will have family activities and adult, drinking activities at times.   Contestants will be encouraged to partake in Tequila.


The local features and amenities not in the resort area, but away from the Grand Mayan include: shopping, eating, beaches, parasailing, snorkeling, diving, wind surfing, wakeboarding, skiing, wave runners, horse back riding.  It is recommended you go 10 minutes south to Playa del Carmen to shop for everything you need.  Groceries, liquor, gas, shopping, beaches, authentic Mexican food and much more are awaiting you at Playa del Carmen.


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